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With Classimic, you have access to many areas of your marketplace website admin panel that would let you control almost everything on your site. All the tools you need to have your website in perfect conditions are just a couple of clicks away.

  • Pay to feature the ad (highlight) or move to the top
  • Monetize your marketplace with those settings
  • Add your own HTML code when creating content
  • Add pages
  • Customize some pages and add them to your website
  • Unlimited categories and subcategories
  • list ads as many categories as you want
  • Moderate ads
  • Post for free or pay to post
  • Advanced search
  • To set an expiration date for the posting.
  • Email verification
  • General settings
  • Add a third party e¬≠mailing service easily.
  • Accept terms before entering the page
  • Upload photos (with image resizer)
  • Report ad as SPAM
  • Force users to login before posting
  • Google Maps integration
  • Unlimited locations

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