Endless possibilities

With Classimic, you have access to many areas of your marketplace website admin panel that would let you control almost everything on your site. All the tools you need to have your website in perfect conditions are just a couple of clicks away


Own design

Unless you order a clone, we will create a unique and exclusive design for you, and we won't resell it to anyone else.


Color Change

Choose any color; we will change your theme accordingly to your choice on request


Add logo

Put your logo or your partner's logos anywhere on your site


Ad snippets

Add a snippet for your AdSense banners or one for your ads.


Dynamic fields

Let user can add custom or dynamic fields are associated with ads and its categories.


Clone Service

We develop clone any site regarding design with our powerful premium features such as OLX clone, Gumtree clone or Quikr Clone.

Great things in business are never done by one person.

We care about your application, website and server all you just concendrate on yoru business and improve your customer base on your online business.